Carland Cartography FAQ's



Q: What Is "Cartography"?

A: Cartography is the study and practice of making maps. We like maps because they are tangible representations of specific locations. Carland Cartography creates abstract drawings of street maps. We change the focus of a map from a tool to a story. We aren’t just selling art prints- we are providing personalized biographies to each one of our customers. We are invoking nostalgia, recalling a sense of belonging and self-identity. The finished pieces of artwork can serve as reminders of the locations that make your life story special and different from anyone else.


Q: What Size Prints Are Available?

A:  Almost everything is available in the following sizes: 8x10” , 11x14” & 16x20". Larger sizes are available here


Q:  What Cities Are Available?

A: We have a variety of cities made, including East Coast cities, West Coast cities, Midwest cities, Southern cities, and International cities.

We also have a Boston Neighborhood Series a Chicago Neighborhood Collection and a Nashville Neighborhood Series


Q:  Can I request a map of my neighborhood?

A: We are not currently accepting requests for custom orders. However, you can sign up to our Email Newsletter to be notified for when we are. Custom Orders are billed in two parts - a $300 non-refundable design fee and the cost of the print you would like to purchase, which can vary in price.


Q:  Do you sell “original” work?

A: Most of our work is only sold as prints. It was created by combining separate hand-drawn sketches to create the intended result. We don't typically sell our original work.


Q: Who actually owns artwork?

A:When purchasing artwork, you own the physical object. However, the artist owns the image. What does that mean? Read below.

Artist Rights- The artist owns all work they create. This includes the rights to the image of sold and commissioned work. The artist retains the rights to make an unlimited quantity of reproductions of ANY KIND of ALL the artwork they create.

Collector Rights- The collector has purchased an item and has the right to display the artwork in their home or business in any way they choose. However, the artwork may not be resold or reproduced without the artist’s written permission. The collector does not have the right to claim it as their work, or to publish it (in print or online) without giving credit to the artist.

Exception- The only exception would be if a collector wishes to purchase exclusive rights to a commission or custom order, which means the artwork will not be sold to someone else in any format. This is a cost IN ADDITION to the cost of the artwork, and starts at $5,000. If you are interested in purchasing rights to a commission or custom order, please disclose that before the commission agreement is signed. 


Q: How can I be included in special offers and promotions?

A: Sign up our Email Newsletter to get insider access and special sales. Or, sign up to our Passport Points Program to earn points on every order (points only apply to purchases made on, not Etsy or Amazon). You can sign up to both! 



Q: I like this, but can I get it in a different color?

A: Each piece is drawn by hand using various artistic media. Because of our process, colors cannot be easily changed. In order to have something commissioned in a specific color palette, please sign up to our Email Newsletter to be notified when we are accepting custom orders.


Q: I live in a small apartment with NO wallspace! Do you sell other merchandise?

A: We now offer merchandise options for your home or office. Including clothing, phone cases, pillows, mugs, greeting cards and more! These make great options for holiday baskets, wedding guest favors, graduation gifts and other special occasions. They also make GREAT housewarming gifts!


Q: I’m a retailer. Do you have a wholesale option?

A: Not at the moment. We hope to launch something in the near future. 


Q: I love your work but I don’t see my neighborhood. Can I have a custom order made?

A: We are not currently accepting custom orders. You can join our EMail newsletter or check back again soon.



Q: Can I pick up my purchase rather than having it shipped?

A: Unfortunately no customer pick-ups are available at this time. Please read our shipping policy page for more information.



Q:  Do you have a storefront I can visit?

A: We are currently in transition, as we prepare for the next chapter in our story. Right now, we do not have a public storefront or studio. We hope to have something set up soon.



Q: What options are available for corporations/businesses?

A: Browse our current product lines for an option that suits your needs or have a map custom made for your space! We have our work in corporate board rooms, start-ups, real estate offices, non-profits and more. Let us help you find the perfect solution. 



Q: What happens if I order a print online but change my mind when it arrives?

A: All of our work is NON-REFUNDABLE. That means we don't give refunds for any reason.  Please read our return policy page for more information.



Q: Where Else Can I Find You Online?

A: We have several options on our Etsy page. If you are interested in a subscription service, please enroll in Turning Art  where you can rent some of our prints on a month-to-month basis. If you would like to make a small monthly contribution to help us grow, visit our  Patreon page. 

In addition, you can connect with us on Social Media- including Instagram,  Facebook, Twitter , YouTube Tik Tok and Pinterest