New! The Providence Places Series Is Here!

Over the past few years, I have received a lot of inquiries about the availability of a Providence map. So, it is with a lot of excitement that I present my newest series, the Providence Places Series. It is a selection of (5) vertically-oriented pieces that show the city of Providence, a Zoomed-In Version of Downtown Providence, East Providence, and College Hill. This series also includes Block Island because it is one of the places that is highly-requested.

I started this series in the fall, and worked over the winter and spring months. All (5) of the pieces are made using the same color scheme, which is a mix of cool blues, warm oranges and reds and strong black lines. I was inspired by the winter waves’ cool ocean colors along with the bobbing fishing buoys seen along the rocky coastline.

This series was not actually meant to be a series. In fact, I started working on the first piece, showing downtown Providence with the intention that it would be a stand-alone piece. However, as I continued to work I really enjoyed the shape of the city and decided to create a different version, showing a broader view. The longer I looked at it, the more I wanted to focus in on two areas in particular, College Hill and East Providence, both areas which seem to be more like mini-cities.

I have a fondness for Providence. I lived in Southeast MA for several years, and Providence was closer than Boston, so I went there a lot. I have a lot of good memories of time spent there and I hope that these pieces can remind other people of their experiences in this fabulous city. I think one of my favorite things about Providence is the creative vibe the city has. Rhode Island School of Design is located there and there is a great space called AS220 which hosts creative events, classes and workshops. In addition, in the summertime there is a Saturday-night festival called “Waterfire” which is super fun.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this new series! And, as always, thanks for being part of my adventure.heart