BIG (as in 9x12') News! Custom Order Installed in Chicago Office Building!

A few months ago, I was approached to make a piece that would be on display at an office building in downtown Chicago, near the Sears/Willis Tower. Obviously, I was super stoked and wanted to make something that was really special, since this would be a high-visibility piece.
The timeline was tight- I only had a few weeks to get this done. Luckily, I had some of the drawings saved from when I did the other Chicago map from my Kickstarter project. I used these drawings, but modified them slightly to create a more zoomed-in version of the city, focusing on the business district.

It was so fortunate that I had already planned out the geography- which is part of my artistic process that takes a significant amount of time- and was able to dive right in. I modified the drawing a little and changed the format so that the composition was oriented in a "landscape" style, versus the vertical orientation that I used for the Kickstarter version of the Chicago map.

I worked almost every night over several weeks on this piece and customized the colors for the client. Since the piece was going to be presented on a bright red wall, the color scheme selected was a little more neutral- with a lot of grays with some red accents.
This was very exciting for me because the final artwork would be 9x12 feet, and installed in a very busy office building. I wanted to make sure that all of the colors worked well together and that the final piece had an overall cohesive look.
I just got the notification that the final piece was installed last Friday and the client is super happy with it! After a very looooooong weekend ( I knew it was being installed) I can now relax a little knowing that everything is all set and it looks really cool.
I have never seen my work at this scale before. Usually, I am limited by my resources and cannot make pieces this large. But because I was working with a company who handled all of the logistics, this was able to be produced at such a large size! I am so excited!
A big THANK YOU to everyone who helped make this happen! Now, I have a very BIG reason to visit Chicago!