ArtOber Fest 2015 Re-Cap

This past weekend (October 3 & 4) was the first ever 'Artober" Fest at the Western Avenue Studios.
In the past, the city of Lowell had sponsored a city-wide Open Studios event in the fall. However, this year that was halted due to funding shortages. To replace the city-wide event, the Artober fest was introduced as a way to get people involved with the artist community in the city.
I was open both days and had a great turn-out. I was super stoked because I was able to get my studio lettering applied to my wall before the event.
While I was open, I was also working on my newest map- Newport, Rhode Island.
This map is part of my kickstarter project. This drawing is done with watercolor pencils- which are applied like regular colored pencil but then afterwards painted over with water to make the colors bleed.
Thanks to everyone for coming out to visit this weekend!