1 Template - 2020 Cities Originals - Abstract City Map Art by Carland Cartography

1 Template - 2020 Cities Originals

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For the Collector - Opportunity To Purchase This Original Artwork

Love Maps? Love (City Name)? Do You Collect Original Art? This is for you!
This original piece of hand-drawn artwork will help you show off your love for this amazing city neighborhood.

"Chicago Loop" A Horizontal Original Drawing. This is an abstract, hand-drawn piece of artwork showing a map of downtown Chicago, otherwise known as "The Loop"- it shows the area along the lake between Navy Pier (at the top) and Roosevelt Rd (at the bottom).

Celebrate with this vibrant piece showing the Chicago Loop. This colorful pattern with bold sweeps of color embodies power and assertiveness. Bring this bold pattern into your home and show off your love for this beautiful city.

This item is in-stock in our studio, but there is ONLY 1 AVAILABLE. This is the original drawing - not a print. This is your ONLY chance to buy this piece! Wouldn't it be cool to have your very own original artwork to hang up??? (of course, the answer is YES!)

Every day, I will release a "behind the scenes" video on my Instagram Stories showing which piece will be released that day. The, at noon, it will be available for sale on my website. There is only 1 of each, and only 1 per day. So, first come, first served. If unsold that’s day, the artwork will remain on my site until it finds a home.

SKU: 100-CITYNAME-2020

Product Details

• There is ONLY 1 AVAILABLE- this is the ORIGINAL DRAWING, not a print.
• Hand-drawn on 9x12" acid-free Canson 98lb/160g mixed media paper and artwork is drawn to about 8x10” (give or take). Each piece is signed and dated.
• The city streets are drawn by hand using black marker.
• Every piece will be completed with watercolor pencil. There’s no system or analytical method to the colors chosen for each one - that’s part of the magic✨
• The artwork is not matted or framed. No customization is available
• The artwork is finished with a matte clear fixative spray, keeping it protected.
• Artwork includes artist’s signature. The location of the map is not indicated on the artwork.
• Includes a certificate of authenticity

The cost is the same for every one - $88 including shipping. Sales tax is not included, but your total purchase should be under $100! Happy shopping!


• All of our work is based off of real geography. We try to include all the major roadways and natural features, but keep in mind - it is abstracted. We aren't going for realism.
• We combine painting and drawing to obtain our desired result and use a variety of artistic materials.
• The colors we choose are not representative of any statistic or data point. The colors are an emotional/artistic representation - sometimes based on our own experiences.

This series allows me to offer artwork at an introductory collector’s price point. The work is not as complex as some of my other pieces, (which are made by layering several individual drawings), but are a wonderful way to get a unique original piece of artwork at an affordable price.


Domestic shipping is INCLUDED for these pieces. We only ship within the US.

• When sold, the artwork will be packaged and shipped flat in a 11x14” Kraft envelope.
• If you are ordering this as a gift, please be aware that the items are not gift wrapped
• All items will be shipped with a tracking number
• We do not offer pick-up options at this time

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