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We can work with you to create a custom order of any location on the globe. Have something specific in mind? Is there a place that holds special memories that you always want to remember? Perhaps it's the town you grew up in, the area where you went to college, or location where you got married. Let us help you remember the special places in your life.

There are two options - a custom order print or an original commission. For both options the following information applies:


  • All custom orders take approximately (10) weeks to complete. Orders are scheduled on a case-by-case basis and are dependent on the artist's schedule. The deadline to request a custom order as a holiday gift is October 21.
  • Some locations have more "visual appeal" than others. Custom orders can be of an entire city, a particular neighborhood, or a very specific section of a town. Please keep in mind, we don't draw specific buildings or landmarks on our maps and we don't do orders of entire states, countries, or continents. 
  • We take into consideration requests for general color palettes, but exact colors cannot be specified. Our creative process combines several layers and allows for  variation in color, saturation and texture.
  • A signed Commission Agreement is required for each custom order, holding both the artist and the customer responsible. No work on custom orders can begin without a signed agreement by both parties. A non-refundable deposit is due at the time of signing the agreement. 

  • The artwork produced for all custom orders may be purchased by other customers and will remain for sale on the Carland Cartography website.

  • Carland Cartography retains all copyrighting and licensing rights to the work produced. Purchasing a custom order does not in any way give the customer ownership, exclusivity, copyright licensing rights or any other control over the artwork or how it is sold/distributed. Digital copies of the artwork file are never sold and are not given to the customer. 


Option #1. A custom order fine art print - Can be rendered on paper, canvas, or metal in a variety of sizes between 8x10" and 48x60". Can be framed for an additional cost. Click here  to read more.

Option #2. (Coming Soon!) An original commission - Painted and drawn by hand directly on an 8x10" canvas. No other sizes are available. Can be framed for an additional cost. Click here to read more.

If you are interested in something larger than 48x60", please email us for a quote. The price for large pieces start at $3,500 and the work typically takes about 3 months to complete. Contact us today for an estimate.

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