the making

Location, Location, Location.....

Where do you feel the most "at home"?

This is an important question. Ive been thinking a lot about this lately. As someone who has moved a few times and is often thinking about "where should I go next?", I believe that location and identity are absolutely connected.

The folks over at Sweetgum Textiles have also been thinking about location a lot. In fact, they have been working on this new project called " the Making".

I am very honored and excited to be included in this project,  which is a celebration of New England makers and artisans. The printed publication, which will issue its first edition this fall, is an exploration of what makes a “Sense of Place”.

The goal is to create a beautiful collection of stories and products that capture the character New England. My piece showing Lowell MA will be featured in the publication, along with other work from local makers. Contributors to the publication & market include local architects, photographers, printers, potters, textile designers, painters, wood workers, soap makers, and more.

Help Support Local Artists & Get A Copy of the Publication

There is an Indiegogo campaign which will help assist with printing costs on the first publication and help with covering the design costs and contributor fees for issue two Spring/Summer 2018. Like all crowdfunding campaigns, there are perks involved! The perks for this campaign were selected to included a variety of objects that capture the character of New England.