Weekly Roundup - Landscape Love

Hi Everyone! For those of you who don’t remember Etsy Treasuries, they were a wonderful feature on Etsy (before Etsy lost some of its magic) where sellers could curate their own collections of items that they loved. It was great because it was a way to interact with other sellers and find items that were inspirational.

This feature no longer exists on Etsy, so I am bringing back the idea in a different format. My blog will be the home to a weekly roundup of some of my favorite things! Each post will be centered on a theme. This theme is something that is inspirational to me – a starting point for me to start hand-picking items that are exciting, handmade and look good together.

This week, the theme is “LANDSCAPE LOVE”. This is a selection of work that features various landscapes in different styles and formats. Landscapes are a very traditional subject for paintings, but can be rendered in such different styles, depending on the artist's interpretation.  I tried to capture a selection of different places so that we can remember all the different types of landscapes that exist in different parts of the world. Its one of my guilty pleasures in life- I don't have the opportunity to travel much, but I love finding places on the globe and looking up photos to see what its like. I think we all get so used to seeing the same type of landscape based on where we live that we forget about all the other climates and terrains that are out there. The one condition that I had for my selection was that I tried to find pieces that showed mostly natural environments, and didn't focus on urban or metropolitan landscapes (that's for another post!).

Here are a few items that I think are awesome - Most of these make great gifts, so please feel free to click/follow/like on these links and shop for something unique.

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Shopping from small businesses makes a huge impact. Instead of looking at one of the big-box-stores, try buying direct from a maker. It helps them continue to grow their shop and it provides you with a unique handcrafted item that was made with love. 

PS -I cannot be held responsible for any of the availability or prices of the items shown, as they are all offered by independent sellers. I have not been paid or sponsored by any of these people to promote their items, I am doing it purely out of the love for helping out other artists/artisans and to make more joyful posts online.

As always, thanks for being part of our adventure heart