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Our Partnership with Vida

We are really excited to announce a new partnership with a fantastic company called Vida Studio. Vida defines their company as:  a “destination for unique and inspiring apparel, accessories and home decor designed by artists from around the world. Every VIDA purchase supports our artists and we work with manufacturing partners who provide literacy, women’s rights and personal finance education for their employees.”

Based out of the Bay Area in California, Vida Studio partners with artists (like me) to manufacture high-quality clothing and accessories on demand. Another really fantastic thing about this company is their commitment to social contribution. They donate a portion of their profit to help build a better future for people who are struggling with literacy and education.

We believe that Vida Studio is closely aligned with our core values of freedom, peace and imagination. Because there is a social impact component, we feel good about partnering with them and supporting their philanthropic mission. They partner with artists to create luxurious, responsibly produced clothing and accessories. In addition, we are very pleased with the high-quality craftsmanship of the products and we believe these products to be more suited towards our customers - who tend to be well-traveled, inquisitive, thoughtful shoppers. 

As a way to streamline the shopping process, we have linked each of the products we have for sale through Vida Studio directly onto our website. We are currently only offering a limited selection of our artwork as merchandise to see how well this partnership works. If you navigate to our Merchandise Page , the products we have available are listed there. By clicking on any of these products, a shopper is taken directly to our Vida shop, which is where the transaction will take place.


Please keep in mind, Vida Studio is a third-party site and is not managed by Carland Cartography. We have licensed some of our artwork to them, but they have their own shipping and return policies as well as their own customer service department. If you have any specific questions about the products, please reach out to them directly.

As always, thanks for being a part of our journey.