Inside the Artist Studio: Chicago Map, Work-In-Progress

As some of you know, I have had luck in the Chicago area over the past few years.

I have a few pieces in the retail shop, Jaunt (which is located in Arlington Heights), I had an actress from the NBC Series, "Chicago Med/Fire/PD"  feature my work on her blog, I had a large installation of my Chicago piece in the lobby of a Chicago high-rise, and I had the Chicago piece featured in the opening scene of the Netflix Original Series, Friends From College.

I really enjoyed working on the Chicago piece, it was refreshing and kind of meditative to work on a city with such a planned, grid-like layout.

Be sure to check out a short video showing some behind-the-scenes footage:

Well, as it turns looks like I will be also scouting out some studio space to open a second studio in the Chicago region in 2018!  It appears that the Windy City has a lot to offer, and I will be taking some time over the next year to look for a studio space in the Chicagoland area and get familiar with the art scene out there.

If anyone has ties to the Chicago area, or suggestions on where I should start looking for a studio space, please let me know. I've visited several times, but I am still  unfamiliar with the city, and I only have a few leads on where to start my search. It's a much bigger and more sprawling city than Boston, and while that is good for my artwork content, its a little intimidating for my studio search.

That's all for now- as always, thanks for being a part of my adventure. smiley

If you want to purchase a print of this piece, please click here.